Many delicious Brazilian desserts along with other pastries and cakes as well! Stop by to see what we have!


    $2.50 per slice

    Whole - $25

    24-hour Notice Needed for Whole

    Rich and creamy Brazilian favorite also known as "flan" consisted of sweetened condensed milk along with other traditional ingredients.

    Arroz Doce

    $2.50 per slice

    This sweet Brazilian Rice pudding is a very traditional dessert passed down from generation to generation.The sweetened condensed milk adds a rich and delicious taste to this dish.

    Sweet Brazilian Corn Pudding

    $2.50 per slice

    An unbelievably delicious corn pudding served with cinnamon sprinkled on top and chilled to perfection.

    Brazilian Passion Fruit Mousse

    $2.50 per slice

    Sweet, tart, light and fluffy in your choice of traditional, chocolate coated, or strawberry coated.