• About Us

    How it Started

    Since 1998, Banana Brazil has and continues to be an amazing opportunity to experience the dishes of a different culture, while staying close to home. We keep it simple and authentic, and cannot wait for you to come in and try it for yourself!


    Banana Brazil lies in a diverse neighborhood on Main Street in Danbury. This street features a variety of restaurants from around the world. This is the perfect location for a place like Banana Brazil. Its interior bares similarities to a modest café because it is not particularly colorful and has minimal seating. But the aroma of South American cuisine makes the atmosphere truly captivating. From the moment you walk in the door, you will smell freshly cooked meats and vegetables.


    The bulk of Banana Brazil functions like a buffet. Regardless of what kind of menu option you choose, we take pride in the freshness of our food and make sure you receive a high quality, hot plate of authentic food. Upon walking in, the cashier greets customers with a friendly attitude as the chefs cook diligently back in the kitchen.


    Banana Brazil is open well into the night. These long hours benefit the traditional “sit down” customer along with those who prefer take-out and/or late night snacking.


    Taste & Selection

    We recommend you sample of all of the dishes. Each one has its own unique flavor that is cooked on location. Why not polish off a sweet plantain, or chow down on some finger-lickin chicken. Enjoy a juicy slice of meat with an ice-cold soda. If you can’t finish it all, take it home in a to-go bag as well. We promise that he flavor won’t disappear if you decide to reheat it for a quick lunch.


    Banana Brazil offers a delicious variety of food including: fried chicken, garlic pasta, plantains, salad, beans, rice and a rotisserie of slow-cooking cuts of meat. You can also purchase an authentic South American soda.